Tim Farron's speech on the European Union

Read Tim Farron's speech on June 11, 2016 on why he's voting to remain on June 23rd: So much of the debate around Europe has been about financial projections, trading complex cost benefit analyses about what will happen if we stay or leave. And fascinating though that all is, my hunch is that it ...

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Osborne's £650m stealth cut to the NHS

Changes hidden in the Budget will mean the NHS has £650m less to spend on front line services, Liberal Democrat research can reveal. The research on the budget, based on analysis from the House of Commons Library, reveals hidden changes to public sector pensions, passing the cost directly to the ...

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New £2bn cut to public services attacked by Liberal Democrats

Hidden in the Chancellor’s Budget was a backdoor £2bn cut to public services.  This cut has been attacked by Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson John Pugh.

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The brutal reality of Osborne's budget

This week George Osborne announced his budget. It was so awful that even a senior Conservative minister couldn't stand and resigned, saying that it was clear we weren't "all in this together". But in all the chaos a lot of the destructive items in the budget haven't been noticed. Which is concern...

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Lib Dems defeat government over asylum seekers

On Wednesday (9th March) Lib Dem peers in the House of Lords played a key role in defeating the Conservative government over the Immigration Bill. Liberal Democrats voted to allow asylum seekers the right to work if their claims haven't been processed within six months. Together with peers from L...

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