Liberal Democrats championing Children's Mental Health

Liberal Democrat candidate for Guildford, Kelly-Marie Blundell, is campaigning for a change to the way we treat those with mental health problems, after figures reveal that UK police detained over 6,000 adults and 200 children with mental health problems last year. Under Section 136 of the Mental...

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The Budget the Liberal Democrats wanted to give you - balancing the books fairly

Guildford Liberal Democrats and their prospective parliamentary candidate, Kelly-Marie Blundell, have welcomed the alternative budget in which Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander set out the party's tax and spending plans for the next five years. In a statement to the House of Commons...

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Shared Parental Leave Reforms help Surrey women and families

New rules introduced by the Liberal Democrats in Government will transform how parents of new-born children choose to manage their care in the first year.  Mothers will still take at least two weeks of maternity leave immediately after the birth but, thereafter, working couples are entitled to sh...

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Prospective Liberal Democrat MP Kelly-Marie Blundell calls for end to "Plague" of Roadworks

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request by prospective Liberal Democrat MP for Guildford, Kelly-Marie Blundell, has revealed a "plague" of roadworks on a stretch of road between Bramley and Guildford since 2012 - more than 860 individual projects have been carried out on the A281 (a shocking aver...

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Tories to slash Education Budget

New evidence has lifted the lid on Tory plans to slash the education budget.  Briefing notes photographed at a press conference show that the Tories have refused to rule out taking an axe to the education budget after the general election.  The documents revealed that, in the run up to the 7 May ...

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