Our plan for Guildford

Guildford Liberal Democrats are committed to making our town and villages greener, fairer and thriving places to live and work in - not just for some parts of the borough, but for every neighbourhood and for everyone who lives and works here.


Over the last four years, the Liberal Democrat-led administration at Guildford Borough Council has delivered for local people:

  • We are investing (now and ongoing) in our council housing stock so that council tenants, including key workers, can live in homes which are safe and warm.
  • We have plans in place to build hundreds more affordable homes so that young people and young families, who bring so much energy and life to our schools, parks and public amenities, can afford to live here.
  • We are tackling climate change and air pollution, and have prioritised protecting public services for our communities and those most in need by making millions in back-office savings.


But there is so much more that we want to do to help our communities become greener, fairer and thrive. Electing a Liberal Democrat-run Council for the next four years will empower us to make our ambitious plans for the future a reality.


Working with residents to ensure a greener future for Guildford.



Because a fairer future is a brighter future for everyone in Guildford



Working to ensure a thriving future for all of our communities


Our values

Local residents united by our shared values and determination to see Guildford thrive

All over the country, Liberal Democrats share a core set of values that unite and motivate us. Read more about what drives our beliefs and actions in the Guildford Borough.