Richard Lucas

Guildford Borough Councillor for Ash Vale

Richard Lucas has lived in Ash Vale for 27 years, raised his family of 3 kids and, later, a foster daughter there. He is active in the community as a member of 1st Ash Vale Scouts, the Sunflower Café Ukrainian support group, and both the Tennis Club and the Basingstoke Canal Canoe Club.

Richard is concerned about the things that help to bind Ash Vale together as a community and is keen on promoting and supporting activities and facilities that bring together people such as Scouts, the Community Youth Club, and activities for our older people. He wants to help the local community thrive and become a fairer and greener place for everyone.

Richard says "As well as my activity in the community, I care passionately about open, transparent and ethical standards in public life. That is why I have chosen to stand for the Liberal Democrats in the Borough Council elections."