Latest polling predicts Liberal Democrat Candidate Zöe Franklin wins Guildford at General Election

16 Jan 2024
#TeamZöe Winning Here!

Latest polling predicts Liberal Democrat Candidate Zöe Franklin wins Guildford at General Election 

The most detailed survey in five years forecasts that Liberal Democrat Zöe Franklin is on course to defeat the Conservatives at the next election.   

The MRP poll by YouGov, reported in The Telegraph, estimates the Conservatives would lose the Guildford constituency to the Liberal Democrats if an election were held now.  

More widely, the Liberal Democrats are predicted to win 48 seats at the next election, most within the “Blue Wall” of traditionally Conservative voting areas. 

This follows four unprecedented by-election wins in formerly safe Conservative seats in the past two years, as well as hundreds of gains in local elections across the Blue Wall since 2019.  

In the local elections last May, voters placed their trust in the Liberal Democrats who won control of Guildford Borough Council for the first time in nearly 30 years.  

Responding to the poll, Zöe Franklin, Guildford Liberal Democrat candidate said: 

“I welcome the latest polling figures, which should be giving the Conservative Government yet another long overdue wake-up call. We are all desperate for a change.  

“But the only poll that matters is that on election day, which for me and most people can’t come soon enough.  

“People I speak to every day are sick of being taken for granted by this failing, self-serving Conservative Government. 

“If Rishi Sunak is so convinced he has the answers, why is he so scared to ask voters what they think?” 

The Liberal Democrats are focussing on constituencies like Guildford in their General Election campaign, committed to ‘tearing down the Blue Wall’ where voters have had enough of being failed as this ailing Conservative government limps on.  

The Liberal Democrats are focused on fixing local health services that have been run into the ground. The party is also fighting for the right for people to see a GP within a week, or 24 hours if in urgent need, a legal guarantee to start cancer treatment within two months of an urgent referral, and ensuring NHS dentist appointments are available when they’re needed.  

Zöe Franklin continued: 

“How much more Conservative failure can the country cope with? We shouldn’t be in a situation where local families can’t get a GP appointment, water companies get away with dumping sewage in our rivers, and people can’t even afford the basics.  

“We need a change - and this poll tells us that voting for the Liberal Democrats in Guildford is the best way to deliver it. 

“As Guildford’s MP, I would be the strong and committed champion in Parliament that the constituency needs and deserves. This latest poll is encouraging for everyone who is part of the hardworking Liberal Democrat team in Guildford. But we know the stakes couldn’t be higher. There is no room for complacency. Every single vote will count.